Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You call 911, get an AED and come back!

So I want to lead backpacking trips. And one day I hope to get PAID to lead backpacking trips. One of the requirements for doing such is advanced CPR. After last night I'm not only officially certified in Wilderness First Aid but also "BLS for Healthcare Providers" (i.e. Basic Life Support). However the need for CPR in the wilderness is dubious at best because where most people go backpacking it is miles and hours away from relief and an AED machine. Also due the the miles and hours, I don't think I will be saying as we were instructed: "You call 911, get an AED and come back." "Sorry lady no cell reception" and 5 hours later, that person that needed the AED machine is probably toast. Also of note (as I was instructed in Wilderness First Aid) is that one of the few scenarios that CPR in the wilderness would be beneficial is if someone is unresponsive after being struck by lightning.
So please DON'T get struck by lightning because I hope to never have to use my training...

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